Flying robots – swissinfo

Researchers at the Swiss Federal institute of technology in Lausanne have developed an autopilot drone, which – combined with a special software – can create 3D aerial images. The project has now become a spin-off company, senseFLY, which is trying to find a market for the device. Research into new applications for the drone is continuing, looking at how several of the devices can be put into the air simultaneously like a flock. (Michele Andina,
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Hi-tech prison – swissinfo

Switzerland’s most modern prison building has opened in Lenzburg, canton Aargau. The 95 cells were built according to the latest thinking on penitentiaries. The new central prison for men and women is about 300 metres away from the old prison building, and has a special department for seniors. (SF/
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Jetman over Grand Canyon

Swiss pilot and engineer Yves Rossy made his first US appearance with a flight across the Grand Canyon. He gained fame using a similar jet-powered wing to carry him across Lake Geneva in 2004 and the English Channel in 2008. (Breitling/
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Nuclear protest – swissinfo

Following events in Japan, nuclear power opponents have set up camp in the gardens of Bern’s electricity provider BKW. The protesters are determined to stay until the Mühleberg power plant is shut down. (SF/
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Antimatter matters – swissinfo

Cern is not just the Large Hadron Collider – or “Big Bang” machine. The instruments used at Cern to do physics experiments are aimed at solving riddles about the universe and about matter. But sometimes the very sensitive detectors developed at the site near Geneva, result in useful byproducts, like new diagnostic and surgical equipment. (Raffaella Rossello, – Cern video productions)
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Hot Rod

berlin_07_1920.jpgIt’s bird, it’s a plane… no, it’s a German engineer’s idea of the car of tomorrow. Swiss-based Peter Maskus has designed the Acabion GTBO, a cross between a Formula One racecar and a fighter jet that looks like nothing out of Detroit, with a price tag to match: SFr3 million ($2.66 million). For that, the purchaser gets a top speed of 545 kilometres per hour, 750 horsepower but also up to 42 kilometres out of each litre of petrol. The trick: aerodynamics that make the Acabion look more like a bullet train and no side-by-side seating for the two passengers. A word of warning though: this vehicle is not street-legal, meaning those who can afford it might have to do with only a Ferrari or that souped-up Volkswagen, the Bugatti Veyron.

Swiss government gets friendly

cabinet.jpgInternet users can get virtually, albeit unofficially, closer to Switzerland’s cabinet thanks to the social networking website Facebook. An economics student from Neuchâtel in the western part of the country set up the seven ministers’ profiles on the site, a move that has yet to draw a reaction from the government. Bertil Suter says that to his knowledge, this is the first time an entire cabinet has appeared on Facebook. He says he hopes to convince at least one minister to play ball and make some new friends…