Gas deal is burning issue

A controversial Swiss-Iranian gas deal is still causing a stir a few weeks after it was signed. The deal, worth up to €22 billion, is being criticised yet again, this time by the New York-based Anti-Defamation League. The Jewish association has posted ads in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times as well as others stating that Switzerland is financing terrorism. The US government, the World Jewish Congress and Israel have already complained about the deal, with the American authorities asking for details to see if violated UN sanctions.
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Catholic Church struggles with sex scandal

812550_92467913.jpgThe Catholic bishop for Fribourg, Lausanne and Geneva in western Switzerland has asked forgiveness from victims of paedophile priests, after several cases of abuse came to light. In the most widely publicised case, a Swiss priest was moved to France by superiors who knew he had already sexually abused at least one child.
UPDATE: a priest in Neuchâtel, once suspected of paedophile abuse before he was ordained, has shot himself through the heart. According to his family, he had complained of considerable local media pressure that came in the wake of the other cases that have rocked the local diocese. One formal complaint was filed against him in 2001. The case was dropped because of the statute of limitations even though he partially confessed. He was working in a parish, but was following medical treatment and was not working with children.

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Religious lansdcape comes under scrutiny

The Swiss National Science Foundation has launched a new research programme (NRP 58) taking a closer look at the changing religious landscape. The researchers have three years and 10 million Swiss francs to reach their conclusions. If you can’t wait that long, swissinfo has already done the legwork with this special dossier.