Brazilian night – swissinfo

A long-standing tradition at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland is the Brazilian night. It actually starts during the daytime with different free concerts. At night the party continues – inside the concert hall with the main paying acts, as well as outdoors, along the lake shore and in many bars and cafes around town. (Raffaella Rossello,

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The original folk music – swissinfo

For generations Swiss folk music was played by local musicians in private homes or at fairs in villages. It was mostly passed on orally. When records started being produced, traditional Swiss music was reduced to a more commercially oriented product. Thousands of old melodies would have been lost, had it not been for the efforts of Hanny Christen, who dedicated her life to original Swiss folk music. (Michele Andina,

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Play me, I’m yours – swissinfo

The streets and parks of Geneva, Switzerland, are filled with old pianos, just waiting to be played by members of the public. It’s all part of the city’s music festival, now in its 20th year. British artist Luke Jerram came up with the “Play me, I’m Yours” idea. The project has been touring cities globally since 2008, but it’s the first time it’s been realised in Geneva. (Julie Hunt,
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Shakura S’Aida – swissinfo

Having spent her formative years in Switzerland, Shakura S’Aida is an internationally prominent singer-songwriter now based in Canada. She has fond memories of living here and says it helped to define both her and her music. (Mark Holmes, JSD Productions for
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Baby concerts – swissinfo

The audience of classic concerts is ageing faster than the general population. If the trend continues, many musicians will soon be left without jobs. The industry is looking into new ways of performing classics to appeal to a younger audience. (SF/
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The sound hunter

It’s all about finding the perfect sound for Zurich-based guitar maker Ermanno Chiavi. It may be an elusive goal but he’s getting there. (text and sound: Luca Beti; pictures: Rolf Amiet,
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The Swiss Showband is performing alongside the world’s most prestigious military formations at this year’s military tattoo in Basel. The 130-strong music/dance team was recruited from across German speaking Switzerland, and has been practicing its unique show for a year now. (swissinfo, Julie Hunt)

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