Ring pull – swissinfo

Luke, Sylvain, Laura, Luca and Stanley are ordinary-looking young people. On Saturday nights, however, they turn into vampires and other weird characters. In the ring, the fighters of Swiss Championship Wrestling demonstrate their agility and entertain the audience with tricks and acrobatics. (Luigi Jorio and Thomas Kern, swissinfo.ch).
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Shakura S’Aida – swissinfo

Having spent her formative years in Switzerland, Shakura S’Aida is an internationally prominent singer-songwriter now based in Canada. She has fond memories of living here and says it helped to define both her and her music. (Mark Holmes, JSD Productions for swissinfo.ch)
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The Swiss Showband is performing alongside the world’s most prestigious military formations at this year’s military tattoo in Basel. The 130-strong music/dance team was recruited from across German speaking Switzerland, and has been practicing its unique show for a year now. (swissinfo, Julie Hunt)

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R2-D2 kidnapped from museum

r2d2.jpgUnidentified thieves have stolen a replica of the Star Wars robot R2-D2 from a film prop museum in Frauenfeld, canton Thurgau. According to local police, the theft must have occurred some time between the beginning of the month and Tuesday, when some objects were reported missing. The thieves broke into a basement storage room, making off with an exact copy of the famed robot character as well as other items. It is not known if they left the talkative 3CPO behind. The 1.2-metre-high robot is worth thousands of Swiss francs according to its owner, Roman Güttinger. Güttinger’s hoard of props from horror, adventure and science fiction films is considered the biggest private collection in Europe. He has gathered around 2,500 items, including rarities such as the monster from the Alien films and the Batmobile from Batman.

Swatch boss seeks creative prop from Clooney

arnold2.jpgSwatch chairman Nicolas G. Hayek says Hollywood star George Clooney will sit on the board of a new company that is to develop clean energy systems in Switzerland. Hayek, who will be chairman of the company, said he had hesitated between Clooney and former US vice-president Al Gore for a board seat but plumped for Clooney because of a possible Gore run for the White House (Gore seems to have ruled it out now he has pocketed the Nobel Peace Prize). Clooney is already tied to the Swatch Group as an ambassador for its Omega brand. He is also the face of Nespresso. Fribourg-based power company Groupe E is also involved in the clean energy project.

Singer vents his anger on tabloid

Swiss singer – or singing hairdresser – Piero Esteriore has tried to avenge himself of an article in the tabloid Blick that wasn’t to his taste (apparently the journalist wrote that his recent celebrity birthday party was more akin to a mafia funeral.) On Thursday, he crashed a Mercedes through the front door of the Zurich offices of the paper’s publisher, Ringier, before climbing out of the car and throwing signed copies of CDs on the ground, allegedly yelling that he would castrate the offensive reporter. After being arrested, he was released on Friday with no charges being pressed. Ringier said it was better to forget the whole sad business, although it believes that this kind of personal vendetta is way out of line. Esteriore is best known in Switzerland for being the finalist of the talent show MusicStar and a (badly) failed attempt to please punters at the 2004 Eurovision contest in Istanbul (Switzerland – null point) with what was considered to be a truly awful song.

So was he really that bad? You judge for yourself…