Abbey power plant – swissinfo

Einsiedeln Abbey is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Switzerland. Its monks are the owners of the largest private commercial forest in the country. For over a thousand years the Benedictines have taken good care of it, and they have ambitious projects for the future. (Raffaella Rossello,

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Young energy – swissinfo

Apprentices from all over Switzerland have participated in a special climate competition for cleantec projects developed by young people. The event is carried out by the Swiss non-profit foundation myclimate, one of the world leaders in implementing voluntary carbon offsetting measures. (Michele Andina,
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Tropical Gift – swissinfo

Life at the heart of the Nigerian oil industry – Photographer Christian Lutz’s unsettling photos, taken during three visits in 2009-2010, capture the contradictions and unequal power relations at play. Lutz won the 2011 Swiss Press Photo award for his shot of the New Year celebrations at the Lagos Yacht Club. (Simon Bradley,
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Solar islands – swissinfo

A project which uses giant floats to produce renewable energy at low cost is entering a new phase. The solar islands concept – with collectors that turn to follow the sun – passed the test phase, and the islands will soon start producing energy. (
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Nuclear protest – swissinfo

Following events in Japan, nuclear power opponents have set up camp in the gardens of Bern’s electricity provider BKW. The protesters are determined to stay until the Mühleberg power plant is shut down. (SF/
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Gas deal is burning issue

A controversial Swiss-Iranian gas deal is still causing a stir a few weeks after it was signed. The deal, worth up to €22 billion, is being criticised yet again, this time by the New York-based Anti-Defamation League. The Jewish association has posted ads in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times as well as others stating that Switzerland is financing terrorism. The US government, the World Jewish Congress and Israel have already complained about the deal, with the American authorities asking for details to see if violated UN sanctions.
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The dream of Piccard-us

impulse.jpgSwiss adventurer, shrink and family man Bertrand Piccard has finally presented a model of his solar plane after four years of research. Solar Impulse is supposed to travel around the world day and night using the sun as its only power source. Piccard, who along with co-pilot Brian Jones, was the first to make a non-stop around-the-world balloon flight, hopes to have a prototype in the air by next autumn, and carry out a first night flight in 2009. As proof that his project is not pie in the sky, Piccard has managed to convince some big investors to pony up much of the budget, set at approximately SFr70 million. If the global flight goes ahead, the biggest threat will be strong winds: Piccard will be hoping that an “invisible hand” will be guiding the project this time round too if he is to be successful.