Is Federer broken?

Roger Federer has come up once again short versus his nemesis Rafael Nadal. He hasn’t beaten him in over a year, and despite Nadal disputing an epic semi-final in Melbourne, was unable to win his 14th Slam at the Australian Open and equal Pete Sampras’ record. Versus Nadal, Federer is slowing getting a reputation for choking.

So the question is, can Roger ever climb back on the number one throne and knock off that cocky Spaniard? Or has his time come and gone, and he must know accept the crumbs Nadal is prepared to leave him?

Early last year, Roger had an excuse for defeat – mononucleosis. The effects lasted a long time and it wasn’t until the US Open that he seemed to start firing on all four cylinders again. But since then, major results have been few and far between. So is this the end for Roger?

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2 Responses

  1. How it hurt’s to see Federer so dominant and to watch him lose,lose and lose to Nadal. I think Federer has to get as strong as Nadal is and maybe consider changing racquets. Or what else could it be with his game!? Of course at this stage,his mental capacity against Nadal has also withered and only hurts his game even further. Roger…get a coach,change racquets and a little more strength training and there ya’go…Grand Slam number 14!!

  2. Wow, another fantastic match. I watched the whole match as I did with both semi finals. Although I was going for Federer I think Nadal totally deserves that victory and he is a true champion. To back a 5 set, 5 hour semi final up with another 5 set, 4 hour + final in less than 48 hours was a true show of Rafa’s strength and endurance. You could also see by the body language of the players and shot selection that Rafa had the edge on Federer mentally. To have won 6 grandslams on 3 different surfaces at Rafa’s age is a truely remarkable feat. I was hoping Federer would equal Sampras’ record of 14 grand slams but Rafa was truely deserving having played another great match. Rafa truely is an entertainer as he is involved in all three of the greatest matches I have now seen – the Wimbledon final against Federer last year, the semi final against Verdasco the other day and this final against Federer. It will be very tough for Federer to recover from the mental scarring that has occurred in this loss and the Wimbledon loss last year along with all the French Open losses to Nadal. Especially as the next Grand Slam event is the French Open which will most likely mean Federer copping another hiding to Nadal. It was however very sad to see Federer break down in tears at the presentation, it was a horrible feeling to watch. I imagine it was because of the Legends awaiting to congratulate Federer if he got the 14 grand slams that he got so emotional.

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