Deficient geography strikes in America – again

schaff9.gifWorried the Americans might bomb your home by accident one day? You do have to wonder when they send their military staff to exclusive resorts in the Swiss Alps – at least what the person who wrote this thought. For some reason Garmisch-Partenkirchen is in Switzerland… This is probably no laughing matter if it is any indication of how geography is taught in American schools. The task facing the National Geographic people is looking more and more like the Eiger North Face.

The Swiss should probably be worried: there are people in Schaffhausen who still remember when US bombers hit the city during the Second World War. But the US military and friends aren’t alone in screwing up – CNN managed to once show a map placing Switzerland somewhere near the Czech Republic. And the Swiss probably shouldn’t crow too much about their geographical prowess. It’s not always great either!

P.S. The Swiss army did invade Liechtenstein by accident not that long ago…

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