DNA dating site promises better sex

love.jpgSweaty t-shirts shouldn’t be a turn-off according to a new dating website. ScienceMatch.com promises to increase chances of better sex, fertility and lasting relationships with less risk of cheating. The bold claims are based on a Bern scientist’s odour attraction research. Claus Wedekind’s studies focused on genes that play an integral role in a part of the immune system known as the major histocompatibility complex (MHC).

Wedekind recruited female volunteers to smell three-day-old men’s t-shirts and rate the most attractive. After analysing the DNA of both the men and women he found a clear correlation between odour attractiveness and differences in MHC. All this science doesn’t come cheap though: the dating service cost clients $1,995 (SFr2,200) alone for the DNA analysis that checks immune system compatibility.

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One Response

  1. Amusing post, I enjoyed reading it.

    As for the idea itself…even if there is truth in the science, joining a sweat-scent based dating site does not sounds appealing at all. How will it work: the potential match will smell my scent, over the web, and decide based on that? And won’t my attractivness depend highly on what I ate that same day? So the day I ate chocolat, I’ll be prince charming (via scent). The day I ate extra garlic Pizza, on the other hand, will be a sad day for my DNA…

    Anyway, amusing idea, but I don’t want to try it…


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