Big guns meet in Davos

pachauri1.jpgIf the world’s media are to be believed, the masters of the universe are meeting in the (ugly) Swiss resort of Davos for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. The usual suspects have turned up for drinks , a chinwag and perhaps the odd business deal. Given the cost of joining the club, it’s only for the very wealthy and/or influential. The pollies are also in the house, trying to find peace in their spare time, but as usual to no great effect…

This year they are ostensibly discussing how to slow climate change (although given that many of them have been in charge for some time and not done anything, I wouldn’t hand over the keys to the family car) and ending poverty (please note that if someone is rich, that means someone else ain’t).

Rajendra K. Pachauri, co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize last year and head of the IPCC did manage to rap them over the knuckles concerning the weather, although its hard to imagine it did little more than go in one ear and out the other. Sovereign funds, stock market crashes, oil prices are probably uppermost in their minds.

One final question: why is Paul Hewson, aka Bono, succesful millionaire businessman and muso, in Davos. Is it because he is filthy rich and belongs there, or because he feels guilty about it and wants others to feel the same way?

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