spider.jpgAlien spiders are invading Europe: no sign though of huge, furry monsters goose-stepping across the countryside. It’s not quite as scary, but tiny eight-legged beasts are moving in from abroad. No D-Day to speak of, but a slow process that has been taking place for over a century. According to Wolfgang Nentwig and his colleagues at Bern University, 87 foreign spider species have made their way to Europe in the past 150 years. Their study shows that one factor has been the faster pace of trade in recent years, while climate change seems to be playing a role as well. Humans could soon be sharing space with these new arrivals, but dangerous critters don’t seem to be on the cards for the time being.

And to satisfy all those lovers of furry spiders out there, here is the trailer of that 1975 classic, The Giant Spider Invasion!


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