Swiss army knife overdose

knife2.jpgYou will need big pockets and big hands for this one: a Swiss Army knife that weighs nearly 1.4 kilograms has been inducted into the 2008 edition of Guinness World Records for “most functions on a penknife.” It has 87 tools and at least 115 uses. Developed by Wenger, the beast has a dozen or so blades, saws and cutters; a dozen or so screwdrivers; and the toothpicks, key rings, magnifiers, fish scalers and nail files sometimes found on combination penknives. But it also includes a laser pointer and a flashlight. And wait there’s more: it has a wrench just for the spikes on a golf shoe; a tool just for opening the case of a watch; and a screwdriver specifically for gunsights… A long way from from the original Swiss army special, it costs just $1,200, perfect for a Christmas gift! Whether it represents the best of Switzerland is open to debate. No mention either from the manufacturer on how you should get it through airport security, or whether it is really useful for opening a cold bottle of beer to quench that thirst you got from lugging it around.


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