Anything to stop the Germans

689695_34880249.jpgA 70-year old German seeking Swiss citizenship has been told to go back to school to learn his native tongue according to Zurich’s Tages Anzeiger newspaper. The town of Dielsdorf ordered Ulrich Kring – who has lived in Switzerland his entire life but is only now applying for citizenship – to take a German language course! The class, which costs SFr250, is compulsory for all foreigners seeking a Swiss passport and the town refuses to make an exception. Ulrich Kring has lodged an appeal against the decision, but has not had a reply yet… Two thirds of the country’s 7.5 million inhabitants are German speakers, but “real” Germans (and they not the only ones: a lot of Swiss too) find Swiss-German dialect hard to understand. One cannot wonder though if this has something to do with an anti-immigrant reflex, brought on by the recent arrival of even more Germans in Switzerland.

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