Hingis retires on a “high” note

Switzerland’s former world number one tennis player Martina Hingis has retired – for the second time – from sport at the ripe old age of 27. This time it’s not injury – or bad shoes – putting paid to her ambitions, but a positive drug test. If a Wimbledon drug check is to be believed (A and B samples were positive), Martina’s nostrils were whiter than the dress she had been wearing to play. The Swiss Miss strenuously denies snorting the sideline or taking cocaine and says she is innocent. She also claims she doesn’t want have a fight with the anti-doping authorities, which is why she is retiring. She probably would have been better off trying some grass: it might have got her past the third round at the All England Lawn Tennis Championship Meeting this year…


One Response

  1. Pot Belge? (cocaine, heroin, morphine and caffeine injection)

    She would flunk an IRMS testsoterone test if they ever gave her one. (they won’t)

    Steroids, corticosteroids, amphetamines and empty denials.

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