Death tourism

poison1.jpgThe Swiss appear to agree with assisted suicide, but are divided over whether the liberal regulations should apply to patients from abroad. Under Swiss law, assisted suicide is not illegal, ie the patient has to carry out the final act himself. According to the polling institute Demoscope, 53 per cent of respondents approve of assisted suicide if a patient is terminally ill. A further 27 per cent fully agreed with the right to assisted suicide, while 15 per cent came out against. Further figures show that the Swiss are uncomfortable though with the idea of foreigners travelling to Switzerland to end their lives. More than half of those polled said no to the idea. These results come as Dignitas, the only organisation that caters to to non-residents, is facing a difficult search for new premises. It lost the lease on a flat in a Zurich suburb this summer after the neighbours complained of the many deaths. Since then it has moved several times but has so far not been able to find permanent premises.


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