Filthy rich Swiss…

treasure1.jpg…well some of them are at least. According to the Federal Finance Administration, 6,700 Swiss had assets of SFr10 million or more in 2004 (they’ve probably done better than that since then.) Zurich was home to almost a third of them, while cantons Vaud and Bern had over 550 each. Around four per cent of taxpayers owned more than half the country’s wealth (SFr1,078 billion). At the other end of the spectrum, 1.2 million taxpayers – out of total of 4.55 million – declared they had no savings, while another 1.4 million said they were worth less than SFr50,000. On a per inhabitant basis, Nidwald’s taxpayers were best off (over SFR500,00), followed by tax havens Zug and Schwyz. Valais is apparently home to lots of paupers…


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