Bloschacher debate goes nowhere

blocher.gifSwitzerland’s politicians once again showed their feebleness – or lack of power – in parliament. After many of them called for an urgent debate about Justice Minister Christoph Blocher’s turbulent relationship with the federal prosecutor’s office, the whole business fell flat on its face. Members of Blocher’s rightwing People’s Party lined up to defend their man against accusations he had plotted to get rid of federal prosecutor Valentin Roschacher when he wasn’t allowed to fire him – it’s all a plot your honour to get rid of our boss! These people are either members of the John Birch Society or fans of the Diana conspiracy theory. Their opponents took turns to blast away at the justice minister, saying he had failed to respect the separation between the executive and judicial powers as stated by a parliamentary committee. As for television viewers, all they got after all this was Blocher stating he did no wrong, and President Micheline Calmy-Rey claiming that the other members of government weren’t asking for the justice minister’s head. All in all a good day to show Swiss voters just ahead of this month’s federal elections that members of parliament weren’t all napping…


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