Hans, you can keep your gun but…

ammunition1.jpgThe Swiss parliament has accepted a proposal to no longer let members of the country’s militia army keep ammunition at home. Their weapons can stay locked up in the basement for the time being, but it could be very well that Swiss voters have the final say in the matter. Parliament’s decision has some gun lovers and the Campaign for an Independent and Neutral Switzerland seething (hear this report from Swiss radio – in French) .


Geneva firefighters rap

Fed up with people calling the fire emergency number (118) looking for telephone numbers (instead of calling one of the 18xx services), Geneva’s firefighters decided to get the message across – and have some fun at the same time – that if you ring their bell, it had better be for the right reasons. Their video on YouTube has been an instant success, attracting attention from the likes of Swiss television, the BBC and CNN.

And just in case you thought this was a one-off situation, check out this video from Geneva airport’s fire crew:

Religious lansdcape comes under scrutiny

The Swiss National Science Foundation has launched a new research programme (NRP 58) taking a closer look at the changing religious landscape. The researchers have three years and 10 million Swiss francs to reach their conclusions. If you can’t wait that long, swissinfo has already done the legwork with this special dossier.

Looking to the past

And by popular demand, seen on YouTube:

Two related stories can be read at swissinfo:

Zurich team rebuilds our ancestors
Zurich team offers new visions of old bones

Trouble in Myanmar

monk.jpgThe latest troubles in Myanmar have been catching everyone’s attention (at least that of those interested in international news). The Swiss government says it is monitoring the situation and has demanded the immediate release of peaceful protestors and political prisoners. The foreign ministry has also advised citizens against travelling to the southeast Asian country. swissinfo journalist Luigi Jorio has just come back from Myanmar. Read his story “La rivolta delle tuniche rosse” (The revolt of the red tunics – in Italian). Despite decisions to inflict sanctions on Myanmar, Matthias Huber of of the Switzerland-Burma Association warns they will little effect on the military regime.

Some things never change

Traditional wrestling brought together hundreds of thousands of people recently in the Swiss city of Aarau. Two days of competition to decide who would be king of the sawdust ring and take home the bull.